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Pip-audit: Google-backed tool probes Python environments for vulnerable packages | The Daily Swig

UPDATED A tool has been launched with support from Google that scans Python environments for packages with known vulnerabilities. ‘Pip-audit’ …

FTC implements tougher data protection rules to safeguard customer information | The Daily Swig

New requirements for financial institutions include vulnerability assessments, employee training.

Insider threat: Tech firm was hacked and extorted by its own employee, says FBI – PortSwigger

The Daily Swig … planted damaging news stories falsely claiming the theft had been by a hacker enabled by a vulnerability in the company’s …

Ransomware groups increasingly using data leak threats to pile pressure on victims | The Daily Swig

Data on 2,371 companies were released on ransomware data leak sites over … phishing and network vulnerabilities to infiltrate corporate networks …

Web cache poisoning bug discovered in Symfony PHP framework | The Daily SwigPortSwigger

The mishandling of HTTP headers left websites built on top of the Symfony platform vulnerable to web cache poisoning attacks.

‘Over-permissive’ authentication checks left 190 Australian organizations vulnerable to …

… a vulnerability discovered more than two years after its conception. … cloud security architect at Palo Alto Networks, told The Daily Swig.

Panasonic admits data breach after attackers gain access to file server | The Daily Swig

The Japanese consumer electronics giant acknowledged the breach in a brief statement on Friday (November 26). Panasonic said that it detected the …

HP printer vulnerabilities left enterprise networks open to abuse via ‘cross-site printing’ attack

“There was great cooperation in fixing the issues and HP handled this very responsibly,” Hirvonen tells The Daily Swig.

Italian police crack down on fake Covid-19 vaccination passes | The Daily SwigPortSwigger

The Guardia di Finanza (GdF), the Italian law enforcement agency responsible for dealing with financial crime, first detected the trade in mid-July, …

UK Department for Transport caught inadvertently serving pornographic content to site

‘The page has since been permanently deleted’, a government spokesperson told The Daily Swig.